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The History of Crescent City Schools

Crescent City Schools was founded in 2010 by Kate Mehok and Julie Lause. Now a network of open enrollment schools serving more than 1,500 scholars in New Orleans, Crescent City Schools aims to raise student achievement and prepare students for college. Learn more about Crescent City Schools in the video below.


An Introduction to Harriet Tubman Charter School

Harriet Tubman Charter School is an open-enrollment charter school on the West Bank of New Orleans that serves students in grades PreK-8. Established in 2011, Tubman has made tremendous early gains. Learn more about Tubman in the video below.


An Introduction to Akili Academy

Akili Academy is an open enrollment charter school that serves scholars in K-8th grade in New Orleans. Founded in 2008, Akili is consistently ranked as one of the top-performing schools in the Recovery School District. Learn more about Akili Academy in the video below.