Akili alumni return to discuss their high school experiences


As Akili 8th graders continue the high school selection process, they are fortunate to have former peers who are passionate about providing them with guidance on the next chapter of their academic career.

Joanell Williams, Transition Coordinator at Akili, recently invited two Akili alums to speak about their high school experience to date. Kori C., who attends Livingston Collegiate Academy, and Antinoque S., from George Washington Carver Collegiate Academy, each shared how it is important to be prepared for some significant changes during the transition to high school.

“Making new friends was new to me, I have attended Akili my entire life, so I have always had the same friends,” said Anitonque.

They also shared with Akili scholars what their respective schools had to offer, as well as expectations.

“High school is challenging, but I know Akili prepared me for all of the courses I am taking. I hear things in my classes and say to myself, I remember learning about this at Akili,” said Kori.

Williams knows how valuable it is to have these students share their experiences; she is already planning to host a few more alumni before the end of the year.

“Several of our alumni have heard about this past session and have reached out to me about participating in the next one,” she said. “I truly believe that students need to hear from their former peers to fully get a feel for what to expect in high school. Because it’s our 9th graders returning to share their insights, students get a personal insight about schools they may be interesting in attending.”