Harriet Tubman Charter School Exits Failing Status


Crescent City Schools is excited to announce that Harriet Tubman Charter School has accomplished the remarkable feat of transforming from an F school to a C school by state standards within just one year.

The Louisiana State Department of Education has released the 2013 School Performance Scores, which measure student achievement based upon state standardized tests and other criteria such as credit accumulation, completion of rigorous courses, and graduation rates.  Tubman now holds a score of 72.7 which equates to a grade of C.

Tubman is a public, open enrollment charter school serving grades K-8 in Algiers.  Led by Principal Julie Lause, a veteran educator with 18 years of experience, Tubman has established itself as a model for school turnaround in the education reform movement.  Using rigorous curriculum, intensive teacher coaching, and a positive and structured school culture, Harriet Tubman has demonstrated record growth since 2011.

Our team of teachers and staff have raised the bar every year and found new and challenging ways to push our students and each other to excellence,” said Lause.  “The 550 scholars at Harriet Tubman work hard every day to make these gains possible – it’s really their accomplishment.  Total school turnaround isn’t easy, but it’s gains like these that prove our work is achievable and of great gain for the community of Algiers and the students at our school.  We join our families in celebrating this milestone, and we look forward to continuing these gains every year.  Though we are proud of our work, we’re not satisfied yet. There is so much more work to be done.”

“School turnaround is a complicated process that involves the coordinated efforts of the State, the district, and the school community, but those efforts are worth it when we see these types of results,” said Crescent City Schools CEO Kate Mehok.  “I am so proud of the hard work of Principal Lause, her staff, and our students and families at Harriet Tubman.  I can’t wait to see what we accomplish next.”

For more information about Tubman or Crescent City Schools, please contact Kacie Fuselier at (504) 708-8183 or kfuselier@crescentcityschools.org.