Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith is a native New Orleanian who loves working with and mentoring inner city young ladies to pursue their hopes and dreams. Following in the footsteps of her own mentor, she passionately strives to inspire young mentees to realize that they too can reach their full potential in all areas of their lives.

Danielle strongly believes that a comprehensive education, coupled with community support to encourage students to persevere and pursue their dreams with a ‘spirit of excellence’, nourishes the whole individual. Her strengths as a mentor lie in the fact that she overcame many of the same challenges our youth are facing today. Danielle’s life experiences as a inner city youth equipped her with a unique ability to assist young ladies to navigate obstacles that are prevalent in today’s society.

Danielle is the proud mother of three beautiful children, 2 daughters and 1 son. She was educated in the New Orleans Public School system, and she graduated from Sarah T. Reed Sr. High School. Danielle  is an Orleans Parish employee. She’s the owner of a custom design wig company ‘D’Lace Wigs’ through which she gives back by providing a custom design wig to a cancer patient each month. Danielle enjoys spending time with her family, hearing live jazz bands, reading, and yoga.

danielle.smith [at] crescentcityschools [dot] org