Tubman highlights new, Montessori-inspired curriculum


DSC_0337On March 14th, members of the community joined Principal Julie Lause and her staff as they highlighted the new curriculum designed for kindergarten, first, and second grade (K-1-2) students. Tubman’s K-1-2 program is unique in the city; not only do the K-1-2 classrooms combine grades, but also Tubman teachers use a Montessori-inspired approach to give students autonomy over their work and to foster engagement in learning.

The Community Breakfast featured a conversation around why Tubman uses the combined-grade approach for its K-1-2 students, the motivation behind the recent incorporation of Montessori-inspired elements, and an open discussion about the benefits and challenges of the new approach. Guests who attended the event observed the K-1-2 classrooms in action and later participated in breakout discussion groups.

DSC_0370Tubman staff members were pleased with how much interest the topic generated in the community. Representatives from other public schools, private schools, the Recovery School District, the Orleans Parish School Board, EdNavigator, Agenda for Children, and other organizations attended the event. Click here to read an article featured in the Times-Picayune on Tubman’s Community Breakfast and K-1-2 program.

Principal Lause enjoyed discussing the new curriculum and valued the opportunity to speak with other members of the community about the work they are doing at Tubman.DSC_0324

“Since this breakfast was geared towards educators, it was a terrific opportunity for Tubman staff to dive deep into what makes this program unique and get feedback from educators and colleagues.”

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