10 Years of Crescent City Schools

In a wide-ranging discussion, co-founders Kate Mehok and Julie Lause reflect on founding Crescent City Schools ten years ago. Longtime colleague Patrick Dobard, former Superintendent of the Recovery School District and current CEO of New Schools for New Orleans joins the conversation to center the work Julie and Kate have done in the larger context of New Orleans education reform.

Community Involvement: Board Leadership in Our Schools

Kate Mehok, CEO of CCS, facilitates a conversation with past and present Crescent City Schools board members on serving the community through board leadership. Board members discussed how they came to join the board, and topics like board decision-making, driving accountability and results in a school through governance, and next steps for our school and the CCS board. Joining the conversation, Kevin Guitterrez, governance Director at the LA Charter School Association, emphasizes the importance of ongoing board training to build capacity at the board level.

A Career at CCS

Join Julie Lause, co-founder and Chief of Schools, for a conversation with current and former staff members on what a career working with the students at Crescent City Schools is all about. Hear from current staff members on why they joined the CCS team and why they stay, find out how career progression works in our schools, and meet former school staff whose career path leads them to continue to serve students in New Orleans.

The Work of Raising Student Achievement Inside Our Schools

Ever wondered what it takes to increase student achievement? CEO Kate Mehok talks with special guest Rebecca Kockler, former assistant state superintendent, about the role of the state to support increasing academic standards in Louisiana. Then, Kate is joined by CCS leaders who, inside our schools, do the important work of coaching teachers and setting high expectations for academics so students can grow at the highest levels.