Dear friends,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! Although we anticipate that this academic year will have its own share of challenges related to COVID-19, we are overjoyed to be starting this year with 100% in-person instruction for the 2,300 students enrolled in our schools. We know that our students learn best when they are inside of our school buildings, able to interact with their peers and, of course, learning directly from the amazing educators we have across our five campuses: Harriet Tubman Charter School, Tubman Montessori, Akili Academy, Paul Habans Charter School, and the Aurora Program.

In order to ensure the safety of all the people in our buildings, students and staff will continue to mask, even when indoors, and the CCS network will continue to closely monitor and abide by all relevant regulations and recommendations from city, state, and federal entities. CCS schools will also continue practices that helped keep us safe last academic year, such as frequent cleaning of school facilities, increased airflow, and hand sanitizing. 

Most importantly, 100% of CCS staff who are able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine have received it. Given that the vaccine is not yet approved for children below 12 years old, the vaccination of our staff is the most significant deterrent to the transmission of COVID-19 within our school buildings, and that coupled with the dissemination of the vaccines across the city gives me hope that our students and staff will experience a more stable academic year. 

Although we remain alert and responsive to evolving circumstances in our city, the mission of Crescent City Schools remains the same: to support and develop open enrollment charter schools that raise student achievement and prepare students for college. 

At Crescent City Schools, we do whatever it takes to meet the needs of our students. Our success in this regard begins with operating schools where quality educators want to teach and lead, and I am proud to share that Crescent City Schools has been voted a Top Workplace for the past three years. Our commitment to meeting the needs of all of our students is also what motivates us to create programs specifically for struggling students and to find ways to develop the whole child through enrichment programs, even when external circumstances present challenges.

I look forward with great enthusiasm to this academic year. I know that our staff and students will accomplish great things. 


Kate Mehok, CEO