Dear friends,

Welcome to another year of teaching and learning at Crescent City Schools!

As I sit and reflect on the years past and wonder about what is to come, it’s easy to look back on the last few years and focus on the lost opportunities, but instead we at Crescent City Schools choose to focus on the successes we have experienced despite recent challenges and use those to motivate us to have an impactful 2022-2023 school year. It is our privilege and our responsibility to work to ensure that the school year is full of impactful, intentional work that leads to increased student achievement.

We look forward to more successes like the following:

Redesigning Intervention Programs: Last year we overhauled our Response-to-Intervention (RTI) program and worked to ensure our data collection methods enabled us to have all the information necessary to support the academic achievement of every child. This year we expect to continue to refine those systems so that every child gets what they need in our school building in order to achieve their true potential.

Increasing Family Involvement: Last spring we slowly returned to more in-person events on campus. These included family conferences, student awards ceremonies, the opening of the Habans Stormwater and Nature Center, and 8th grade promotion events. This year we are committed to hosting more events at school so that parents and families can participate more actively in the life of our schools. I look forward to our schools hosting a plethora of summer orientations, back-to-school nights, Thanksgiving potlucks, and student performances. We all need more reasons to celebrate, and we look forward to doing that within our school communities.

Growing Interscholastic Sports: Last year we increased participation in the Crescent City Charter League by 100%, and served 16 middle schools across the city. This year, we look forward to providing three seasons of sporting activities and adding a 5th/6th grade division, so that we can continue to expand the number of schools and children able to participate in interscholastic sports across our city.

Renaming a School: We are so excited to announce we are renaming Paul Habans Charter School to Dorothy Height Charter School. We are humbled to name our school after such an impactful leader as Dorothy Height, and we look forward to finding a myriad of ways to honor her legacy this year and beyond. We invite you to follow along as students at Dorothy Height Charter School “reach new heights”.

We could not have accomplished all of this without our supporters – our staff, students, families, district and state collaborators, non profit leaders, and donors. Your continued support enables our scholars to learn and grow more each year. Don’t be surprised to hear from me in the upcoming months as I invite you to re-engage with our work. I hope you have an opportunity to visit us and see all the wonderful things happening across the network.

It’s going to be a great year,

Kate Mehok, CEO