Fair. Transparent. Equitable.

Crescent City Schools has always been known for our incredible benefits package. In 2021, we revamped our compensation system to match. Now, our one-of-a-kind compensation package rewards our staff for doing the most important work in the world, and is grounded in these beliefs:

  • Staff should be compensated fairly for the work they do.
  • Transparent salary scales allow staff to plan for their future here at CCS.
  • Equity means those doing the same job with the same experience are paid the same across the network.
  • Salaries should honor years of experience in the profession and at CCS, and the complexity of the work.


Roles are assigned to salary scales based on the complexity of the work. Each job description lists the salary scale for that role. Click the links below to see current CCS salary scales.



To encourage you to stay with Crescent City Schools long-term and to reward longevity with the organization, we offer a Longevity Bump.
Starting in your 5th year with Crescent City Schools, you’ll see an amount added to your salary every year based on the scale you are on. And in your 10th year and beyond, we’ll double that longevity bump.



Each January, CCS releases new salary scales, adjusted for inflation. While most organizations update their scales once or twice per decade, CCS updates our salary scales annually to ensure that your raise isn’t eaten up by inflation!



Taking on leadership responsibilities, summer work, or work outside of your normal job duties are all ways to further increase your compensation!

Are you ready to join our team of inspiring educators?