Crescent City Schools is the Only Network in New Orleans with All of its Schools in the Top 10 for Student Growth in English Language Arts.


At Crescent City Schools, we believe that looking at student growth – how much a student actually learns and improves from one year to the next – is a powerful measure of a school’s impact. “Growth is an outstanding metric to use to judge schools because it shows the impact a school has on students, and that is what we all should focus on,” expressed Kate Mehok, Co-founder and CEO of Crescent City Schools. The Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) recently released the Top Growth scores for the state and all three of the schools in our network ranked in the top ten K-8 schools in New Orleans for English Language Arts (ELA). Notably, Paul Habans ranked first of all public K-8 schools in the city for ELA growth, and sixth in math. The following chart shows how well our schools performed; these numbers validate the incredible commitment and hard work of our teachers and scholars.

Just five years ago, Habans was a failing school. Crescent City Schools acquired the charter in 2013, and the turnaround that is happening there is reflective of the results that can be achieved with dedication, excellent educators, and community engagement. “Paul Habans is an open enrollment school that takes every student who walks through the door and moves them at rates comparable with the most selective schools in the city. Our teachers believe that all students can learn, and we believe that all families deserve access to high quality schools that value their child. We are proud of our students and staff for their continued growth,” stated Elisabeth LaMotte-Mitchell, Principal of Paul Habans Charter School.

Allison Lowe, Principal at Akili Academy, shared her excitement about the growth scores, “It’s time to change the narrative about what makes a school a good school in our city. Selective admissions schools don’t have a monopoly on learning, and everyone in our city needs to recognize the amazing academic results of open enrollment schools. I’m incredibly proud of our scholars and the dedication of our teachers and support staff who tirelessly work towards our school’s mission.”

In addition to our success, all schools in New Orleans are either out-performing or on-par with with the rest of the state, a critical statistic that was revealed in the data released by the LDOE.

New Orleans students are:

  • Growing at rates higher than the state average in Math
  • Growing at rates tied with the state average in ELA
  • Growing at rates higher than average in all historically disadvantaged subgroups, including: African-American Students, economically disadvantaged students, students with disabilities, and English Learners.

Julie Lause, Principal at Harriet Tubman Charter School emphasized the point in a note to her team that read, “Once again, New Orleans schools outperformed the state, not just overall, but with every subgroup…This shows the kind of gains our schools can make with all students!