Focus on Student Growth Puts Crescent City Schools at the Top!


Today’s Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) release of School Performance Scores (SPS) for the 2017-2018 school year shows that all schools in the Crescent City Schools network – Paul Habans Charter School, Akili Academy of New Orleans, and Harriet Tubman Charter School – are “A” grade schools for student growth. This ranks them among the most successful open-enrollment, K-8 schools in New Orleans.

“Today we are celebrating the accomplishments of our open-enrollment schools,” said Kate Mehok, Co-founder and CEO of Crescent City Schools. “This is the first year that Louisiana is using growth to calculate SPS scores and giving a separate letter grade for that growth. Measuring growth is important because it demonstrates the real impact a school has on its students. Based on these results, it is clear that CCS schools are improving outcomes for all the students in our network at a very high rate.”  

All three schools in the Crescent City Schools network had significant academic achievements in the 2017-2018 school year:

Paul Habans Charter School is #1 for growth among all K-8 open enrollment schools in the city, and only two selective admission schools have higher growth scores. Additionally, the school’s overall SPS increased to a “C” – an impressive achievement considering it was an “F” rated school when Crescent City Schools first began operating it in 2013.

Akili Academy ranks #7 for growth of all K-8 open-enrollment schools in the city and exceeded both the citywide and statewide averages for K-8 student growth.

Harriet Tubman Charter School, in addition to its “A” Growth score, was recognized by the Louisiana Department of Education as a Top Gains Honoree and an Equity Honoree. These honors recognize the school’s ability to grow scholars, including those with disabilities, economic hardship, and/or English language learning needs. Only one other open-enrollment K-8 school in the city received these two distinctions.

Julie Lause, Co-founder of Crescent City Schools and Principal of Harriet Tubman Charter School, shared “Every year we raise expectations for academics as our kids grow and can do more. We are so excited about the progress our scholars continue to make.”

Crescent City Schools serves more than 2,200 New Orleans students.