Zondra Howard

View More: http://harlinmillerphoto.pass.us/proofs-14Zondra Howard is the Principal at Harriet Tubman Charter School Blue Campus. A native of New Orleans, she received a bachelor’s degree in English from the Louisiana State University and her master’s degree from the Relay Graduate School of Education in 2015. In 2008, Zondra enrolled in the Urban Accelerated and Master’s Program at Georgia State University.  At Georgia State, Zondra learned about the issues facing high needs urban schools and completed an internship as a teacher at Oakcliff Elementary School and Ronald McNair Discovery Learning Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. She also spent the summer of 2008 working with ESOL school aged children who recently immigrated to the United States at Sequoyah Middle School. In the fall of 2009 Zondra decided to move back to New Orleans to continue her educational career. She worked two years as a first grade teacher at Gentilly Terrace Charter School. She was voted Teacher of the Year after her first year at Gentilly Terrace. Inspired by the opportunity to learn and grow in the craft of teaching, Zondra went on to become a founding member of  Harriet Tubman Charter School in 2011.