gaby fighetti

Director of Strategic Initiatives
Joined the Team in 2019

Gaby Fighetti is the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Crescent City Schools. In this role, Gaby leads a diverse set of projects that positively impact the fiscal and organizational outcomes for Crescent City Schools. In 2011, Gaby moved to New Orleans to lead the creation of the city’s unified enrollment lottery, known as OneApp, at the Louisiana Recovery School District (RSD). Gaby led a team responsible for ensuring families had fair and equitable access to school and the safety net supports they needed to remain in school once enrolled.

Gaby left the RSD briefly in 2014 to join the Institute for Innovation in Public School Choice (IIPSC). IIPSC was a national non-profit organization that worked with school districts and their partners to create unified enrollment systems. During her time there, Gaby led IIPSC’s work in Indianapolis, IN. Gaby returned to the RSD in 2015 and then joined the local school district, NOLA Public Schools, in April 2018 in anticipation of the unification of New Orleans public schools under local governance.

Prior to joining the RSD, Gaby worked at the New York City Department of Education, where she held several leadership positions in the Division of Portfolio Planning over the course of her seven-year tenure. Fighetti studied at Columbia University, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree at Barnard College and a Master of Arts degree in public administration at the School for International and Public Affairs. In 2014, Gaby was named one of Gambit Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 in New Orleans.